Versus Flow

Hi everyone,

We've been working hard recently to bring the user interface to a "Final Product" level.

With that said, we wanted to show you what happens both visually and technically when pressing the "Versus" button on the main menu.

First of all, you'll get to choose you're preferred game mode. (You can look back at our game mode blog posts for more info about those.)

As you can see, you'll also be able to change the relevant main setting for each game mode to better customize your gameplay experience. Those settings will also be saved until the game is turned off so you can easily rematch or keep your preferred settings for this session even if you leave the versus menu.


When pressing the checkmark button on the last screen you'll be greeted with the biome select screen.

This is where you'll get to choose in which biome you want your match to take place in. (Again, if you want to read more about the different biomes of Kerfuffight, you can read more about them in our biomes dev blog).

Since biomes contain multiple thematic stages, you'll spawn in one of those when starting the match. If you chose the "Rounds" game mode, each round will take place on a different level from the chosen biome until each has been visited at least once.


When proceeding from biome select, you'll reach the final screen before starting the match; "Character Select".

On this screen, each player will be assigned to an empty slot when first pressing a key on their keyboard or a button on their controller. They will then get to choose their character and color. Upon confirming those choices, they will have to wait for other players to be ready before the "Start match" button appears in the middle of the screen.

As you can see, this is also where you get the possibility to add CPU opponents if ever you're missing a player.

No worries, filling up your party with CPUs is not a requirement. The game can start as soon as there are at least two ready players.

That's all we're going to cover this week. There's more we could talk regarding user interface flow, but we wanted to focus on the versus menu for this dev blog.

Until the next one, you can keep updated with Kerfuffight by following us on Twitter and Facebook. You can also join our Discord channel to be more involved with the game's development.