Hi everyone!

You might've asked yourself last week how would Kerfuffight handle its customization options, especially how players can unlock more of them. You might also have asked if there was any progression in the game.

Those of you who had those questions, rejoice!

Some of you may have seen it already when we shared a teaser of this screen during the week. This is the unlocks screen, everything on this screen can be unlocked only by playing the game. You can unlock more hats, more colors, and more characters.

As you can see, whenever you unlock any tile, the other tiles around it will become partially revealed. When selecting them, this screen will pop up.

Any partially revealed unlock will reveal its unlock condition. This way, players will be able to have clear goals if they want to unlock more customization options.

Anywho that's all we had to share with you this week!

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Have a good day!