Hi everyone,

As some of you might have noticed in the recent gameplay snippets that were shared on social media, there's something wacky happening when a weapon drop doesn't get picked up.

If a weapon is left hanging for too long it'll turn into a trap and start firing/chasing/attacking players. Traps are not part of any team so be careful! If you get eliminated by a trap, no player will gain any score, but you will still lose a point or a life depending on the game mode.

Each weapon spawns a matching unique trap when enough time has passed. Most of the traps closely imitate the behavior of the weapon they originate from, but some put a unique spin on the core idea of what spawned them. When hit by a trap or its projectiles, you can expect similar damage and knockback as if it was wielded by a player.

The weapon spawner always spawns an amount of weapon drops equal to one + the number of players in the match. This means that there will always be a minimum of one trap spawned from each weapon drop wave. Players need to keep wary of their positioning on the map to not get caught off guard by a trap.

Anywho that's all for this week's dev blog! As always, you can stay updated on the development of the game by following us on Twitter or Facebook! You can also join our Discord server if you want to be more directly involved with Kerfuffight!

Have a great week!