The word is out!

Hi everyone!

As you might have noticed, we finally revealed Kerfuffight's release date this week. Indeed, the game will be coming as soon as this month on August 30th! 

So what now!?

Well, we can't reveal too much until release, but we can tell you that the game is practically finished and that the remaining weeks of development are going to be used to make sure Kerfuffight is the best it can be. Again, we can't reveal too much about what that means, but you can be sure that we'll keep sharing screenshots, gifs and/or videos anytime we get the chance to be sure that, when Kerfuffight releases, you know what it's about.

If you have any feedback regarding Kerfuffight, be it good or bad, we're always open for constructive criticism. We read every message sent our way so don't be afraid to let us know your thoughts about the game. It will help us make Kerfuffight the best game it can be!

As always, you know how to reach us! You can like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, join our Discord, but now you can also head over to our Steam page to wishlist Kerfuffight.

Thank for the continued support and have a great day!