Hi everyone!

This week's dev blog is, again, going to be on the shorter side. On top of finishing up gamepad support, this week we were working on fixing stuff rather than adding new content.

Though, there's a reason for that! As we're nearing the end of this journey, it's time we try and gather feedback to bring Kerfuffight to the best it can be!

What this means is that we will be opening up Kerfuffight for testing to friends and family, but don't worry, you can still be part of that process too! You might not get to play Kerfuffight for now, but it would help the game greatly if you could share your feedback and criticism when we post gameplay gifs or videos, which we will try and do more frequently from now on!

To do that, follow us on social media where we will post gameplay and other Kerfuffight content. As always, you can like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or join our Discord server to be more involved with the game's development.

Have a good day!