Hi everyone!

It's been a while since the last dev blog! Hopefully, we'll make up for it with today's one.

As you might have deduced from this blog's title, we've added a new way to customize your characters when you play Kerfuffight; Hats!

Hats Select

Indeed, you'll be able to choose a hat of your choice before starting a match in any mode.

Be assured, hats won't affect gameplay and are purely cosmetic. They don't make players' collision any bigger so don't be afraid to choose big goofy hats.

Like previously said, there's no plan to monetize any customization in Kerfuffight. In fact, you'll be able to unlock more hats, colors or characters via in-game means, but more about that next week!

Anywho that's all we had to share with you this week!

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Have a good day!