Hi everyone!

It just occurred to me that we never fully talked about our "Endless" game mode.

We hinted at it in some previous posts, but I think the closest we got to actually explaining what is "Endless" was when we said we were planning on adding a variant to one of our game modes back in an earlier dev blog.

So what is this game mode? Well if you've been following our dev blogs for a while, it's quite similar to the "Endurance" challenge. It's a round-based game mode with no end. Indeed there can never be a winner, but round wins are still tallied and shown after each round.

We decided to add this game mode for players who don't care who wins or loses, but just want to have a good time on their own terms. An "Endless" match will never end unless you choose too by pausing it and returning to the main menu.

This mode is perfect if your goal is to have a chill gaming session with your friends or by yourself via playing against Ai opponents. 

Anywho that's all we had to share with you this week!

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Have a good day!