Hi everyone,

Before we start this week's dev blog, we want to give a huge thank you to Nerds and Scoundrels for previewing our game this week. You can read the preview article on their website here!

This week we're tackling a topic that we noticed was never fully talked about; "controls". What do we mean by controls, this dev blog should answer all your questions about how you can interact with Kerfuffight. It's nice and all to show you what you can do in-game, but let's not forget the "how"!

First of all, we want to make it known that the game is set to support both keyboard/mouse and gamepad controls at launch! Be it in menus or in-game, you'll be able to play the game with your preferred choice of controller.

As you might have noticed in previous gameplay gifs and videos, Kerfuffight has what you could classify as "twin-stick" controls.

As the name suggests, you'll make full use of the joysticks to move and look around when using a gamepad. When using a keyboard and a mouse, the standard "WASD" will be used to control character movement while the mouse will determine where you'll look.

There's more to this game than moving and looking though.

When in-game you'll be able to dodge and jump to reposition yourself or evade an incoming attack. On the keyboard, "shift" will dodge and the spacebar will make the player jump. On a gamepad, these two actions will be performed with the left shoulder buttons.

No actions will be bound to face buttons by default. This decision has been made to let the player have full access to their character actions while keeping both thumbs on the joysticks.

Last but not least, attacking other players is handled with a single button no matter the equipped weapon.

A simple click of the left mouse button will make you fire at your enemies while the right shoulder button will do the same when using a gamepad.

Some in-game weapons will require an additional button press each time you want to fire or swing at your opponents while others will fire as long as you hold the attack input or up until you run out of bullets.

We tried to make Kerfuffight controls easy to pick up no matter your experience with this type of games.

With that said, we hope you'll enjoy Kerfuffight when it releases this summer.

Until then, you can keep updated with Kerfuffight by following us on Twitter and Facebook. You can also join our Discord channel to be more involved with the game's development.