Hi everyone!

We've been teasing it for the last two weeks, now it's time to show what we just added to the game.

Indeed, we added a new way to play Kerfuffight; Challenges.

Challenges are some trials a single player can partake in to try and reach for the high scores!

There are plans in the near future to add some more rewards for completing the challenges on different difficulties, but we'll share more information on that at a later date.

Speaking of difficulty, each challenge has three of them (easy, normal and hard), each with separate high scores.

As you can see, the different difficulties change the number of lives you'll have when attempting to complete a challenge: 5 lives on easy, 3 on normal and only 1 on hard.

But enough beating around the bush, let's talk more in-depth about those challenges.

There are three of them: 50 Threats, Survive 5 and Endurance.

In 50 Threats, you need to survive until 50 AI controlled opponents have been defeated. The challenge will always take place in the castle suspended arena you can see in the picture above. Manage your health, avoid getting overwhelmed and you should make it through unscathed.

Next is Survive 5.

As the name suggests, you'll need to survive 5 minutes to complete this challenge. Like 50 Threats, this challenge will always take place in the same stage. Indeed, you'll need to survive on a large tree trunk! The arena is spacious, but be careful not to fall!

Last but not least is Endurance.

This challenge is quite like the rounds mode in Versus. Player attempting Endurance will need to win the highest amount of rounds they can without reaching zero lives. Each time one round is won, the stage will change to another random one and even sometimes to another biome entirely. How far can you make it with limited lives?

Anywho that's all for today's dev blog. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Discord as we keep revealing more info about Kerfuffight.

Have a great day!