Kerfuffight is now available on Steam!

You can head over to the game's Steam page to get Kerfuffight.

Kerfuffight hand picked

Kerfuffight has been hand picked as a game to try out on Steam.

A Kerfuffight postmortem

This week I reflect on Kerfuffight's development.

What is Kerfuffight?

Kerfuffight is a game where you kick the crap out of your friends on multiple different stages with a plethora of unique weapons in local multiplayer.

The perfect game to play with your friends, be on the lookout for Kerfuffight's release this summer.

Dev Blogs

Follow the game's development by reading the dev blogs released each week.

About us

Kerfuffight was made possible by one developer and one composer. If you want to learn about us come this way!

Contact us

If you have any question about the development or the game you can contact us using the methods on this page.

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